Seite drucken"Departure from Lüneburg - arrival in Bayswater" by Sarah ... (04.10.2008)

On Saturday 4th October we met in the evening at the bus stop of our school. We all were very excited. As soon as all bags were stored in the bus we drove off. The first hours we had much room in the bus. It was loud but funny! In Vechta another class entered the bus. To the disappointment of our boys the girls were of the 13th grade. Now we had to stay on our seats because the bus was full. In the bus some people slept, some listened to music, some talked and some read. After some hours we watched the film 'Jumper'.

When we got to the ferry in the morning some had slept a few hours, some not at all. We had to wait very long and the weather was really bad, so you couldn't go out if you didn't want to be totally wet. In the end we were on the ferry and fortunately it had stopped raining and some of our class had to go to the fresh air because they were sick. Soon we saw the white beautiful rocks of Dover. When we entered the bus again everyone was happy because of leaving the ferry. Everybody was so tired that we didn't want to go anywhere else when we went into our Lords Hotel in Bayswater.

Seite drucken"Arriving in London - Camden Market" by Marie ... (05.10.2008)

In the morning our bus drove on the ship, which was going to bring us to Dover (England). When the ship started to drive, we could feel the waves. If you tried to go, suddenly the ground under you was gone and then it was there again. That happened because of the waves. Nearly everybody felt ill. On top of the ship there was such a strong wind, you can say, there was a storm. Our hair flew and you had to be careful that you didn’t lose your belongings (cameras, bags, gloves, scarfs...). After a while you could deal with it, but still everyone was happy to sit in the bus again.

Then we drove to London. On the way There were manly fields and a few hills around us. And we had to deal with the confusing left-traffic.

London looked a bit like Hamburg, but there weren’t any trees next to the roads as in Hamburg. When there was any green, it was a park or a little garden.

When we were at the Lords Hotel we took our bags and went in the lounge room to put our luggage there.

Then we went to Camden Markets and searched for a present for Nadine. The English people were nice and often said “Danke!”, “tschüss!” and so on. But sometimes when you dind’t want to buy anything they wanted you to leave. There were many tents with clothes in long roads and every shop had a tent before it where things out of the shop were.

In the evening we put our things in our rooms (with these prison beds). Then we went down to eat this strange meal of this Italian cook. After this we went in the group room to present our presents for Nadine. A telephone box for money, a post box for sharpening pencils, a purse in pink with a London bus, a transparent umbrella and boxer shorts with the London tube map on it. We had to decide which one we wanted to give Nadine, but we decided to give her all presents together. Then, at 10 o’clock, we all fell into our beds!

Seite drucken"Sightseeing & Piccadilly" by Nubia, Rebekka, Jana & Katharina (06.10.2008)

Today we had to get up early, because breakfast was at 7:30 am. First we had some time to move around in Bayswater, before our sightseeing tour started. We went to Coffee Republic, where some of us drank a “babycino”, Tesco and one of the souvenir shops.

On the sightseeing tour we got a good view over London and all its special and popular places: Big Ben, London Eye, Notting Hill, the Houses of Parliament …! At Buckingham Palace, we had the chance to watch the Change of the Guard. [...]

The rest of the day we ran around in smaller groups around Piccadilly Circus and had the task to take a great photo with one or more London people, in which you can see, that it was taken in England. That was very funny, sometimes! Sarah, Anka, Marie and Sabrina made friends with Rohan, a very nice man, who handed out newspapers. Hannah, Nika, Feline, Maggi, Amrei and Judith got to know two handsome boys in school uniforms and we took a picture with Dumbledore.

We were shopping in Oxford and Carnaby Street, two interesting streets with nice shops like Soccer Scene and a smaller store with funny and beautiful pyjamas.

In the evening we showed the others our pictures and told them the stories.

Seite drucken"The Science Museum & the Globe" by Theresa ...(07.10.2008)

On our third day in London we had many plans so we had to go early to our first destination: the nice Science Museum in London. It was great because it was so big and presented so many topics that really everyone found something he/she was interested in.

After that we did a workshop in the famous Globe Theatre, although the Globe is a rebuilding of the original theatre of William Shakespeare. When we arrived the woman who led the workshop welcomed us and showed us the way to the Globe. Because the woman is an actress there, too, she couldn`t just tell us something about the Globe but also about acting in this special theatre. The theatre is so special because there is no ceiling. The consequence is that they can just play when it´s bright and so the actors have to show that it`s dark when it should be dark in the scene they play. Furthermore they can`t just look forward but to the sides, too, because the tiers are around the stage and not just in the front like e.g. in our theatre in Lüneburg. Additionally we played a scene of “Romeo and Juliet”, which was very funny.

After this interesting workshop we wanted to go to the cinema but there weren`t enough tickets for us. So we got time to do something in groups of three. Some of us went e.g. to the premiere of High School Musical 3, which was close to the cinema. Then we drove home and went tired to bed.

Seite drucken"Our trip to Oxford" by Jonas (08.10.2008)

We got up very early, because that day we drove to Oxford! After everyone had taken a shower, we ate lunch and went to our coach: Ready to go to Oxford!!!

On our way there nearly everyone was sleeping. Well I think so, because I was one of them. The girls class of the “Liebfrauenschule Vechta” was with us, because they also wanted to make a trip to Oxford.

When we arrived there our guided tour started. Each of us had had the task to make a presentation about a famous building in Oxford – everyone!!
No sooner said than done, everyone presented a building, for example a courthouse, a college or a memorial.

We all had good presentations and the trip was successful, even though our teachers (Mr. Jenkel and Mrs. Plate) were just tourists who were guided by us and said no word.

After some hours we had finished and Mr. Jenkel allowed us to go into the old city to eat something, or to go shopping on the traditional market. It was very, very funny!

On the way back each group got the task to write an English poem about Oxford, and when we went to the Hyde Park, a very nice park by the way, we were still thinking about it.

It was not so easy to write a poem, but at last we all had one, which we presented in evening. So all in all it was a real nice day in England.

Seite drucken"Group trip on Thursday" by Maiko ... (09.10.2008)

We got up at 6.30 am. Our plans for this day were: A little trip to `Harrods´, a `London Eye´ ride, and a `Madame Tussauds´ visit.

After making our beds and showering and so on, we went to the breakfast room. After eating and talking to Mr Jenkel and Mrs Plate about our plans for the day, we took the first underground heading towards `Harrods´.

After a while we were at the right station and went out. From the station, we had to go some minutes to the big and great shopping centre. Then, Nubia, Jana, Theresa, Momo, Freddy, Jones and me split into groups of 2! So Nubia and Momo, Jana and me, Theresa and Jones and Freddy, tried to get into `Harrods´.
Jana and me at first. No problems! Then Nubia and Momo. And there was a problem. The security didn´t let Momo in. But Jana and me went on. When we looked back a second time, we didn´t see anyone of the others. So we decided to continue walking. After a while we met Nubia. She told us, that Momo didn´t get in. So we tried to phone him. But he didn´t answer. So, we 3 went along alone. But after a while we met Momo. He had tried to get in at another entrance. And there he got in! So we were 4. But 3 people weren´t there! Theresa, Jones and Freddy. But we didn´t find them. After visiting some floors, Nubia and Jana had to leave the shopping centre, because Ronja and Marie were waiting for them at one entrance. But Momo and me, stood there. After one hour, we went out with the things we had bought. Then, outside, we tried to phone Freddy and Jones, but they didn´t answer. Some minutes later, Jones phoned us. He told us, that they were in `Harrods´ and wanted to know, where we were. After a quick telephone call, we wanted to meet in the souvenir shop of `Harrods´.But the security didn´t let us in. They said, that we couldn´t go in a second time. We tried it at the next entrance. There the security let us in. We met Jones and Freddy and went on with the other plans for the day. We wanted to go to the `London Eye´.

When we were there, we decided that two of us should wait in the queue, and the other two should go to McDonald's and buy some food. So Momo and me went to McDonald's, and Jones and Freddy waited in the queue. After some minutes Momo and me came back to the `London Eye´. Jones and Freddy were waiting for us. They had already bought the tickets. We went to the entrance and just a moment later we stood in a big cabin of glass. After 30 minutes, we came back to the floor. It was a great ride!

After this, we went to `Madame Tussauds by underground. For this we had bought some special tickets. With them, we could pass the queue. So, just a few minutes later, we stood in the first floor of `Madame Tussauds. We went through the big house. We saw Tom Cruise, Sean Connery, Steven Spielberg, Gerhard Schröder ...

As we looked at our watches, we saw, that we have much time left. So we decided to go to Bayswater. There we wanted to go to `Tesco metro´ for shopping. After this, we took the underground to `Westminster station´. From there we went 5 minutes to the place where we should meet for driving back to Germany. This was the end of a great day without any problems.

Seite drucken"Group trip on Thursday" by Marie, Sarah & Anka (09.10.2008)

It was 9 o´clock in the morning , when we went to the tube station. First Mr. Jenkel gave us the tickets and we went into the station.

The first thing we heard was `Mind the gap, please`, and the first thing we saw, were the boys taking the wrong tube. We waited for our right tube, because Feline, Maggi, Amrei and we wanted to the Hard Rock Café.

After we left the station ´Hyde Park Corner´, we couldn´t find it, so we asked some strangers, whether they knew where it was, but they had never heard of it. Three persons later, there was a nice guy, who could help us. We bought some T-Shirts and then we drove to `Knightsbridge`, where Harrods was.

We split. First Feline and Maggi went into Harrods and Amrei and we sat at Starbucks. Then we three went in and the others sat at Starbucks. We bought some Prada-Bags and Gucci-Dresses. After spending more than 1,000,000 pounds we thought it was time to go.

So we went to the London Eye. When we went there, Feline, Maggi and Amrei left us because we all wanted to go our own way. So we searched for a ticket office for the Eye, but it would have taken too much time, so we took the Piccadilly Line to Piccadilly Circus.

Then we were hungry and went to Pizza Hut. When we went in we saw three tables full of Chinese people and the two waiters were also Chinese, so I thought: ´ Today must be Chinese Day!` Then we ate Pizza and went shopping at Piccadilly Circus.

We (Sarah and Ann) bought in a shop - which perhaps was built especially for Marie - a present for her, which we gave her in the bus. While Marie was in the toilet, I wanted to use up her coins. She heard a woman singing, but very, very badly. The woman asked Sarah, whether she could spare some coins, so we went to the woman and gave her our money. She was so happy, that she sang louder than before, so it wasn´t such a good idea.

After that we looked for a place to sit and Sarah was bored and so she took photos of strange people (with Marie´s camera). On the other side of us sat an old man, who suddenly began shouting: `Phone the police! The girls are taking photos of me! Police!` When we heard it, we ran away as fast as we could, but the man ran after us, so we took the first tube we saw, but the problem was, that we didn´t know where the tube drove to, but the next station we left. Fortunately it was near Trafalgar Square, so we went to our meeting point, our bus.

There we sat on a bench and waited. We noticed that we were too early, but it was just an hour. Half an hour later Victor came and told us, that we could put our bags in the bus. Together with Victor we waited and when the others came we sat at the Thames for a last time and then we left London with a tear in 'the Eye'.

Seite drucken"Group trip on Thursday" by Hannah ... (09.10.2008)

At first Judith, Nika and I went to Hyde Park by tube and then with a huge detour to the Hard Rock Store, because we took one wrong turn and were a bit confused then. Just 5 Minutes after we arrived and bought picks and t-shirts, the area downstairs opened, where the very nice guy from the staff showed us the guitars of Jimi Hendrix, Oasis, Bob Dylan, Kurt Cobain and many other things.

After we gazed at them and the "Hard Rock Bible" reverentially, we headed for the Hard Rock Café, where everything started with Eric Clapton's guitar. Of course there is much more now, and of course also not only guitars and it was just like before in the store : We were astonished. The only disadvantage was that there was no nice staff-man.

Since we were pretty exhausted from so much Rock history, we decided to have a break in Hyde Park. It was so warm we could wear T-Shirts! On the way we fed some squirrels and felt totally cool, because we walked alone through Hyde Park just like real Londoners.

But then we remembered Mrs. Jenkel's words, that two things you have to do in London are: 1. Eat Fish and Chips and 2. Buy Cadbury Drinking Chocolate, and so we looked for some place, where they had it and found a beautiful little restaurant right at the Thames with a really pretty view at Hyde Park.

Then we took the Piccadilly Line to Piccadilly Circus, because we were looking for shoes, but actually none of us had money anymore, so we only looked around and went to HVM, a huge shop with CDs, DVDs and so on. There everyone of us bought something and with the money, which was left we bought souvenirs and food in Soho and Leicester Square for the way home.

Actually we intended to go to the London Eye, but then the day was almost over anyhow and we didn't believe that we could make it in time. So we went to the meeting point at Cleopatra's Needle and suddenly the whole class trip was over.

But without fail it was the best class trip ever!

Seite drucken"Group trip on Thursday" by Sabrina, Christine & Clara (09.10.2008)

First our group took the tube, because we actually wanted to visit the London Eye, but when we had reached it, we were told that we were not old enough.

So we more or less had to drive on to the tower of London, where we found out, that we couldn’t enter the building alone, since we weren’t old enough. Fortunately we found a couple which took us with them as their children, and soon we looked at the beautiful castle and the impressive crown jewels from the past and the present.

After that we went to Greenwich by tube and tried, terribly tired, to get to the famous observatory. Hopping over the famous longitudinal line and taking photos was funny and the weather and the outlook were fantastic.

Then we three drove to “Harrods” at Knightsbridge and we beat the odds to get in this noble luxury warehouse. It was really great to shop there; especially the food halls and the cute cuddly toy hall were nice. There we bought soft toys, books and real English marmalade.

But because there was not much time left, we had to go to buy food and water at “Tesco” at the Piccadilly Circus for the long bus ride. The time was ticking against us, so we really hurried up to get to our meeting point in time. There we met the others and chatted with them in front of the beautifully blinking London Eye.

Seite drucken"Coming home" by Sarah ... (10.10.2008)

In the evening of October 9th we met across the London Eye. Actually we planned to leave at 7pm but we had to wait until the other class was complete, too. In the end we left at round about 8pm. But while we were waiting it turned dark so we had a nice view on the shining London Eye and the moon. Most of us were very tired so we weren't as loud as on the way to London. But obviously the other class wasn't tired at all. They tried to convince Mr Jenkel that we should watch a film but Mr Jenkel said that we watch it later. Because they couldn't watch the movie they sang as loud as possible and didn't care that some of us were a bit ill. As they stopped after ca. an hour we watched 'P.S. I love you'.

Then we had to wait for the ferry again, because we missed the first one. That night there was hardly any wind so the ferry didn't swing and so the most of us weren't sick. On the ferry we celebrated Sarah's birthday at midnight, she turned 15. Back in the bus we finished the movie and the most of us slept until the morning.

After the other class left the bus at Vechta 2 or 3 hours of our class trip were left. At the last stop we said goodbye to our very friendly and nice bus driver Viktor and gave him a little present. But our new bus driver was friendly, too. After changing the bus driver we said thank you to Mrs Plate and Mr Jenkel for the nice class trip. Then we saw the first buildings that belonged to Lüneburg and we all were happy to be home again.

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